Membership of the Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia Ltd

Becoming A Member

The Square Meaters Cattle Association (SMCAA) provides for a range of membership options:

Full Membership – breeders of purebred Square Meaters with the capacity to register stud animals

Commercial Member – breeders of Square Meaters and Square Meaters cross cattle who do not seek registration of their animals

Youth Member – people up to the age of 25 qualify as youth members

School Member – Schools that have a cattle team and seek to show Square Meaters animals as part of their school development program can utilise this group registration.

Membership application forms are presented to the Board of Directors for endorsement. Those members registering a prefix and tattoo will have their requests checked to ensure that there are no conflicts with existing registrations.

Your personal information presented on the application form will be used for the purposes of contacting you, forwarding you important information, maintaining and updating the Associations databases containing herd information and assisting you to promote your business.
The SMCAA will disclose your personal information to its members and the general public via the Association’s website, public directories and other means unless you advise otherwise.

Membership Application Form (PDF)

Completed forms are to be sent to:

Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia Ltd
A.B.N 87 681 797 865
PO Box 189 , KIAMA NSW 2533
Phone: 02 4232 3333
Fax: 02 4232 3350