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If you would like more information on any aspect of Square Meaters cattle you may contact our association office which is staffed by Livestock Business Centre at Kiama, NSW.
Our postal address is:

c/o Livestock and Business Centre
PO Box 189

33 Bong Bong Street Kiama NSW 2533
Ph: 02 4232 3333 Fax: 02 4232 3350

Board of Directors

The executive of the Association is made up of a Board of Directors elected by financial members of the Association. The board elects a Chairman and other office bearers. The Board meets regularly to discuss matters of interest and provide direction to the Association. The current Board is comprised of the following members, as at 28th June 2018:

Mrs Ellen Moffat – Chairperson:

Mr Eric Ross – Treasurer:

Mrs Erin Wilcock  – Director:

Mrs Robin Prokopec – Director:

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