Royal Toowoomba Show 2017

Royal Toowoomba Show 2017

Toowoomba Royal Show April 2017 Results

Visiting Breeders from Western Australia, Victoria and NSW travelled to watch the competition and attend the Square Meaters AGM. Congratulations to the Queensland Breed Promotion Group on a wonderful display of animals and fabulous hospitality, made even more special due to the impact of Cyclone Debbie.

Calf Champion Bull
Sunset Park Mr Mister – Sunset Park Square Meaters
Sunset Park Mightyman – Sunset Park Square Meaters

Senior Champion Bull
Oakvale Leroy Brown – Oakvale Square Meaters
Vesco Kublai Khan – Vesco Square Meaters

Grand Champion Bull
Oakvale Leroy Brown – Oakvale Square Meaters

Calf Champion Female
Rosellinos Lilac – Rosellinos
Vesco Morning Glory – Vesco Square Meaters

Junior Champion Female
Warrill Creek Loyal Jemma – Warrill Creek Square Meaters
Argio Park Jasmine – Warrill Creek Square Meaters

Senior Champion Female
Kilbilli Farm Harmony – Pencae Square Meaters
Warrill Creek Lady Fly – Warrill Creek Square Meaters

Grand Champion Female
Kilbilly Farm Harmony – Pencae Square Meaters

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