Beef Australia 2021

Every 3 years Rockhampton springs to life with the largest display in the Southern Hemisphere of everything Beef from the over 1,400 Stud Cattle entries to the hundreds of youths competing in the junior events to the miles of displays of cattle related equipment.

The event just grows every time and is a great credit to Russell Hughes and the Stud Cattle Committee with Margaret Olive along with her staff doing an excellent job in organising of 300 stud exhibitors. This year saw all the lead cattle come together and being housed in 4 large marquees (each being approx. 150m long x 30 m wide) capable of housing 500 head each bought all the way from Victoria and erected for the event. The Square Meaters breed was represented with 5 studs participating thanks to Chelna Square Meaters, Dakabin State High School, Sunset Park Square Meaters, Vesco Square Meaters and Oakvale Square Meaters with 15 head plus calves doing the breed proud.

A big thank you also to all the Square Meaters supporters for travelling to Rockhampton to be there on judging day and to those who followed on social media. The Square Meaters display at BEEF along with advertising in the Qld Country Life and their affiliated outlets was only made possible through the generous support  of the Qld Breeders Group new corporate sponsor in Sheriff Electrical, Eric & Marlene Ross from Rosellinos Square Meaters, Michelle and Troy Anstis from Clearwater Square Meaters, The Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia and the  trophy donors for the event . To Wendy Dukes, Doug Gillies and Justin Quilligan for a hand with the stewarding on judging day and Matt Brumley for his photography, thank you!  It was great to see Erin & Doug Wilcock who travelled from the other side of the country to offer their support.

There are those whom say it is tropical breed country, which it is, but the benefit to any breed whom exhibits at BEEF last for years and the exposure is 2nd to none.

I really appreciated Julie and Doug Gillies from Sunset Park Square Meaters commitment to attend BEEF 2021 as let alone never before attending the event here I was asking them to load up the truck with cattle, drive some 1,400km round trip and only be away from home for 10 days. I think there was some reluctancy on their behalf at the start, but by the end of it all the comment Julie made was we will be back in 2024!

The first day open to the public saw some 30,000 people through the gate and in the morning a line-up of people wishing to know more about the Square Meaters Breed. This enquiry continued from day one till the day we all left for home.  Along with some of the best cattle in the country from all breeds on display there is just so much else to see from cattle yards, machinery, and all things Beef to the seminars, world first innovations for the industry, great food and first class entertainment. Even the Prime Minister was so impressed he stayed a little bit longer.

The Square Meaters cattle display, did the breed proud and we were so fortunate to have Grame Hopf judging our Breed and offer comments that were constructive and encouraging. I would encourage you all to start planning to attend in 2024 as every 3 years the event just gets better and better!

Thank you also to our judge on the day Grame Hopf

Show Results

Class Animal/s – Award/s
Class 6 bulls 6-9 months 1st Sunset Park Renault
Class 8 bulls 12-u 15 months 1st OAKVALE Real Time
2nd CHELNA Real Deal
3rd DAKABIN Rodger
Class 9 calf champion male OAKVALE Real Deal
Class 10 Res Calf Champion Male SUNSET Renault
Class 11 heifer 15- u 17 months 1st ROSELLINOS Quick Silver
Class 12 heifer 17-u19 months 1st OAKVALE Que Sera
Class 13 heifer 19-u21 months SUNSET PARK Ruby
Class 14 Junior Champion Female SUNSET PARK Ruby
Class 15 Res Junior Champion Female OAKVALE Quiet Storm
Class 17 bull 17- u19 months 1st VESCO Quiz Master
Class 19 Junior Champion Male VESCO Quiz Master
Class 22 cow 24 months – u 30 months 1st DAKABIN Princess Jingles
Class 23 cow 30 months – u 36 months 1st SUNSET PARK Grace
Class 24 cow 36 months – u 48 months 1st OAKVALE Never Enough
2nd SUNSET PARK Lavinia
Class 26 Senior Champion Female OAKVALE Never Enough
Class 27 Res Senior Champion Female SUNSET PARK Grace
Class 33 Exhibitors Group 1st OAKVALE Square Meaters
2nd SUNSET PARK Square Meaters
Class 34 Sires Progeny 1st OAKVALE
Class 35 Dam Progeny Stakes DAKABIN STATE HIGH SCHOOL

Judge: Grame Hopf

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