Farmfest 2021

Farmfest 2021 happened June 8-10 and was attended by 2 studs with 7 animals. Gary Sewell, Oakvale SM bought a cow and calf unit, 14 month old bull and a maiden heifer & Sunset Park SM bought 2 bulls, a maiden heifer and a cow & calf unit.

Our best day with regards to the weather was day one, Tuesday where although the conditions were overcast it remained very warm considering the time of year. We were warned that the weather was to turn bleak, and although it was a long way short of being the coldest, we did have showers Tuesday night, which made Wednesday morning into the early afternoon very wet & slippery. The tractor operator’s onsite pulled something like 80-100 vehicles onto solid ground before the conditions finally dried off with the very sneaky winds.

Breeder enquiries were strong and kept us busy the whole time we were present. People are becoming more aware of what we are and what we have to offer as a breed. We are no longer regarded as those little ‘Square things’ but a serious standalone breed with something genuine to offer with regards to even temperament and early finishing ability for smaller holdings.

Battle of the Bulls, an interbreed competition was held on the Tuesday. Both Oakvale & Sunset Park entered their bulls into the junior section (the cut-off was 19 months and younger).  Nine month old Sunset Park Renault was placed second in a line up of about 12-14 entries. The judge on the day commented on his strong strength of spine and his carcass merit. Both 2nd and 3rd place getters were markedly larger than him, so the photos almost looked comical.

Fantastic females were held on the Thursday, in very cold conditions. This time Oakvale SM had their cow and calf & Sunset Park had a cow & calf entry and a maiden heifer. Once again a large class of about 12-14 entries. Oakvale Never Enough with 4 ½ bull calf Oakvale Samson took out Senior  British female and then was selected as Grand Champion British female. Sunset Park Grace was placed 4th in the lineup.

It was a real credit to the judge on both Julie Pocock-Iseppi to call the final line-up as she did, as she wasn’t afraid to place an animal regardless of size or breed.

Farmfest once again never failed to deliver in terms of promotion & getting ourselves noticed for all of the right reasons.