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A fun competition for SMCAA Youth Members and School Youth Members to participate in.

Show your photography skills!

Subject:  A SELFIE OF YOU and A SQUARE MEATERS male or female, any age.

End Date:  30 September 2022

Rules & Prizes

  • 2 recent photos per entrant
  • Eligibility - Youth & School Members up to 25 years of age.
  • Photos will be visible on the competition page.
  • Photos will be Judged on the appeal of the photo.
  • The Judge will be independent of any breeder or stud.
  • There will be a “Members Choice” winner through voting on the website

Vouchers sponsored by the SMCAA Board Members 2022

Prize Vouchers:    1st $50.00   2nd  $40.00    3rd  $30.00    4th  $20.00

Upload your photos direct onto the Competition page via the upload form.
Ensure you complete your details on the upload form.
“Members Choice” voting with a 1-5 star rating.

Can I edit or remove my photos once I add them?  Yes, just go to the competition page and click Your images.
What sort of photos can I upload? As per competition criteria.

Any photo uploaded to the Square Meaters website may be used for promotion of the breed.
The administrator will have the right to approve all photos and have the right to not approve photos of a poor quality or inappropriate composition.