Project Description


posted 15th August 2017

Stud Animal

Animals Registered Name: Kilbilli Farm Hope
Date Of Birth: 05/9/12
Sire: Warrill Creek Eagle Boy VO2 E16A (MT)
Dam: Warrill Creek Evita VO2 E10A
Color: Grey

Additional Breeder Information

Hope is in calf (AI to Caloona Trouble).
Vaccination status: up to date: 7-in-1, BEF (3 day), tick fever.
Pestivirus tested: NEGATIVE.
Johnes Disease tested: NEGATIVE
JBAS Score (biosecurity plan and testing): 7
Genotype (DNA) recorded.

A quiet sensible cow who easily produces one calf per year. Structurally sound, well-set udder, excellent pigment. No health concerns.


Vendors Name: Dr Meghan Scrivens.
Property/ Stud Name & Location: Pencae