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Registering Square Meaters Cattle

Calf Recording

It is a regulation (6.a) that all stud calves born in a calendar year are calf recorded with the Association. (There is no cost to in lodging a calf register)
Interim registration certificates are available to validate a calf’s status for a show nomination or for the sale of an animal prior to it being fully registered. The $20 cost of the certificate is deducted from the final registration cost.

Progeny Recording Form (Excel)

Full Registration

At 12 months of age calves are required to be measured in order to complete their registration.

Bulls are required to measure between 103cm and 113cm at the top of the shoulder at 12 months. Bulls outside this measurement are considered commercial and can not be registered. Bulls must have tested free of Mannosidosis and a copy of the test results must be submitted with the registration request. Mannosidosis testing can be done at any time prior to the lodgement of registration.

Mannosidosis testing application: NSW II EMAI Genetics Submission Form (PDF)

Hair Sample Collection: Hair Sampling Instructions (PDF)

Females are required to measure between 100cm and 110cm at the top of the shoulder at 12 months. Females outside this measurement can be registered as ‘B’ Grade. It is not however in the breeder’s or Associations interest to register females under the height of 100cm at 12 months.