Square Meaters the new dimension in premium beef production

Square Meaters are a moderate framed Australian breed of beef cattle. They are perfectly suited to the highly variable Australian temperate climate. They have an ability to hold condition in hard times and flourish in normal conditions.

Their capacity to finish on grass allows breeders to lay claim to the cattle being a sustainable breed under Australian grazing conditions.

Square Meaters were established as a breed to provide premium beef to the domestic market. Early maturity, heavy muscling and even fat cover are the genetic traits that allow the breed to consistently provide 8 to 9 month weaners of 225 – 275 kgs or 12 to 14 month yearlings of 380 – 420 kgs off grass, making them an ideal fit with the domestic market specifications and pasture fed assurance certification.

This photo competition is without any specific criteria for the composition of the photo other than including Squaremeaters cattle in any situation. Photos will be visible on the competition page.


Beef Week 2021

February 5th, 2021|

Beef Week 2021 Welcome to 2021 the 25th Anniversary of Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia Ltd. Beef Australia 2021 in Rockhampton is confirmed to go ahead from the 2nd of May to the 8th May 2021. Queensland Breeders Group is working hard to get a great line-up [...]


Square Meaters were established to “provide premium beef to the domestic market

Square Meaters are a moderate framed breed with selected genetics that promote early maturity, good muscling and even fat cover. As yearling of 380 – 420kgs Square Meaters ideally fit the MLA domestic beef specification. For consumers they offer nicely portioned cuts of beef with exceptional eating quality. The Cattle are bred to finish on grass and fit sustainably in the Australian temperate climate.


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