Buying or Selling

No animal maybe bought or sold as a registered Square Meaters unless it is registered with the Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia Ltd. The seller must provide the original Registration Certificate endorsed to whom the transfer is being made. By tradition the seller usually pays the Transfer Fee unless other arrangements have been made with the buyer.

Irrespective of who is paying for the transfer, the new Registration Certificate will not be issued without the transfer fee being paid. The buyer is responsible for the animal being bought being the same animal that is on the Registration Certificate (ie. Tattoo).

For a full explanation of the Rules and Regulations of the Association, please contact the Secretary at

Photography of your cattle for the sales page

The sales page is a service offered by the Association to its members. The responsibility for the quality of your advertising rests with you and the information you provide. Good photography is crucial to the promotion of your animal/s being offered for sale. The power of visual communication has rocketed with the rise of digital media.

It is proven that photography and images are far more likely to engage your potential customers than text alone, making it necessary to include good imagery in your marketing material to help your advertisement have impact. It is crucial to use good engaging images that show the qualities of your animal/s – stance and angle of your photos are two important considerations.

The first question to ask yourself before dispatching your image for uploading onto the website sales page is;

“Would I take an interest in this animal base on the photo I am viewing?”

The photo will undoubtedly be the first item that a potential purchaser will engage with, before looking at the animal’s details. If the photos are not appealing, you may well lose an enquiry and perhaps a sale.