Proven Ability To Outperform The Competition.

Square Meaters have proven their capacity to be competitive and meet market specifications.
Competing in Carcass Competitions Square Meaters animals have achieved significant success. Some of those successes include:

Canberra Royal 2008 – Grand Champion Steer bred by Woolaringa Square Meaters. (prepared and shown by Ernie Stephenson)
Canberra Royal 2013 – Grand Champion Steer Square Meaters sired cross bred steer (Prepared and Shown by St Johns College Dubbo)
Sydney Royal 2014 – Reserve Champion Middle Weight Carcass and Gold Medal for Carcass bred by Javid Square Meaters (Prepared and Shown by St Johns College Dubbo)
Sydney Royal 2015 – Second in the Middle Weight Class on the hoof and Silver Medal for Carcass bred by Thurloo Park (Prepared and Shown by St Johns College Dubbo)
Toowoomba Royal 2015 – Feature Steer and Heifer Show– Champion and Reserve Champion Square Meaters, bred by Oakvale Square Meaters (prepared and shown by Gary and Heather Sewell)
Adelaide Royal 2015 – Champion Steer Bred by Willows Rest (Prepared and Shown by Willows Rest)
Perth Royal 2015 – Champion Heavy Weight Steer and overall Reserve Champion on the hoof bred by Meta Park Square Meaters (Prepared and Shown by Abbey Toghill Kelmscott Senior High School)
Canberra Royal 2016 – Reserve Champion Carcass bred by Javid Square Meaters (Prepared and Shown by St Johns College Dubbo)
Sydney Royal 2016 – Champion Light Weight Steer on the Hoof bred by Rainbow Square Meaters (Prepared and Shown by Braidwood Central School)
Perth Royal 2016 – Champion Light Weight Carcass and overall Grand Champion Carcass bred by Preston Rise Square Meaters (Prepared and Shown by Erin and Doug Wilcock)
Melbourne 2019 – Champion Domestic Steer or Heifer (300-400kg)
Lismore 2019 – Grand Champion Led Steer & Champion Lightweight Carcase
Ekka 2022 – Champion Lightweight Steer Carcass <400kgs,   Reserve Champion Lightweight Steer, Champion Lightweight Steer.
Perth Royal 2022
– Champion & Reserve Champion Lightweight Carcase

Traits of Square Meaters

  • Polled – Square Meaters are a pure polled breed and will remove horns from all progeny.
  • Easy Calving – calves are typically 25 – 30 kilograms at birth, very vigorous and alert. Square Meaters are ideal to use over heifers and their small birth weights also mean you can calve heifers and cows down in a forward to fat condition.
  • Explosive Early Growth – Square Meaters pure and cross calves will start displaying their characteristic muscling by 8 weeks of age. At weaning they will weigh 225 – 275 kgs and will meet light marketing specifications of a 200 kg carcass as yearlings.
  • Compact Mature Size – Bulls will mature to around 130cm tall at the shoulder and weighing 700 to 800 kgs and because of their athleticism have no problems servicing large cows.
  • Cows will be around 125cm tall and 400 to 500 kgs. You can run more Square Meaters cows per hectare compared to traditional British or European breeds.
  • Temperament – Square Meaters are exceptionally quiet cattle which makes them easier to handle in the paddock and yards. Their genetically inherent docility is particularly evident when Square Meaters are crossed over other breeds.
  • Structural Soundness – Because Square Meaters are a moderate framed breed and do not grow into massive beasts they exhibit tremendous soundness and longevity.
  • Reproductive Efficiency – Square Meaters reach sexual maturity at a young age. Bulls can be put to work as yearlings and heifers will typically calve unassisted at 2 years of age. The combination of a compact size and small birth weights means Square Meaters females will re-breed quickly, even if conditions deteriorate.
  • Production Efficiency – Square Meaters reach their mature size relatively early and so will put their energy into producing a quality carcass or feeding a calf while other breeds continue to grow. Square Meaters cows will typically wean a calf more than 50% of her own body weight. She will hold on when conditions deteriorate and bounce back quickly when they improve.
  • Better Beef – Square Meaters consistently punch above their weight in hook and hoof shows, winning numerous live and carcass awards at major shows across the country. They also perform exceptionally well in virtual taste test contests. The inherent traits of docility, muscularity and early finishing ability means Square Meaters will produce tasty and tender premium beef cuts with few, if any, artificial inputs at a young age.

Proven In Trials

In developing the breed Ric Pisaturo sought to produce cattle that were:

  • Early Maturing
  • Heavily muscled
  • Suitable for the domestic market from weaning to 14 months of age

To validate the characteristics of the early Square Meaters cattle a number of trials were undertaken.
In the initial steer trial, four steers were held in feedlot conditions for a 29 day period. The following results and endorsement was achieved.

steer trial

Further trials were also undertaken to assess for maintenance of one cow to sheep equivalent. The initial trial was a comparison trial that was conducted over 78 days and yielded the following results.


The results gave substance to the claims that the characteristics of the Square Meaters Breed allowed for an increased carrying capacity.