This competition is for SMCAA Members to present a great photo of a cow and calf to grace the front
page of Outside the Square magazine and this will be visible to all whom read our magazine for 2023 and onwards.

Dust off your cameras, pull out your phones, let’s check out your great cattle and photography skills!

Subject:  A MATRIACH in YOUR HERD and HER CALF (Herd Leader or Older Cow & Calf)

Rules & Prizes

  • Best orientation is Portrait for this competition or a good amount of space top and bottom.
  • 3 photos per entrant, current or with in the last couple of years.
  • Eligibility – SMCAA Members
  • Photos will be visible on the competition page and later in the photo gallery.
  • Photos will be Judged by the Membership voting.
  • Looking for a “true to type” Square Meaters cow and calf.

Prize:    The privilege to Grace the front page of Outside the Square Magazine

COMPETITION Start Date:           1st January 2023             End Date:             22nd January 2023

VOTING Start Date:                       23rd January 2023          End Date:             5th February 2023

Upload your photos direct onto the Competition page via the upload form.
Ensure you complete your details on the upload form.
“Members Choice” voting with a 1 – 5 star rating.

Can I edit or remove my photos once I add them?  Yes, just go to the competition page and click Your images.
What sort of photos can I upload? Competition subject.

Problems uploading? Email

Any photo uploaded to the Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia website may be used for promotion of the breed at any time.
The administrator will have the right to approve all photos and have the right to not approve photos of a poor quality or inappropriate composition.

The administrator or SMCAA board has the right to choose an alternative photo if the voted winner fails to meet the SMCAA Standards.